The PSSA JAP programme is intended to be an ongoing process and is divided into four different components, all of which are interlinked and can be arranged in the programme to suit your group.

You start with the JAP INTRO and then the choice of what to put where and how often to have meetings is up to you.

We suggest that you don’t try to complete it in less than 6 months as this will not give you time to do all the viewing, reading, judging etc., that is necessary to get your members on the right track.

The Western Cape run a two year programme which gives you an idea of just how much depth you can go into.


It is recommended that you set the following reading for all participants to read before they attend the first meeting.

Eddie Sethna – An analysis of judging

Hendrik Ferreira – On Judging and Evaluation

Richard Lynch – Good Photography

JAP INTRO – An Introduction to Judging

This is a general overview of the programme and should be used in conjunction with a discussion on the three articles mentioned above.

  1. JAP Workshops
  2. JAP Intro – An Introduction to Judging
  3. The pitfalls of judging
  4. Getting the score right
  5. How and What to Say

It is suggested that you select some of the recommended reading for “homework” after each session and start the following session with a discussion on the homework reading.  The facilitator needs to do the reading as well as he or she must lead the discussion and therefore we prefer to leave it to each group to decide on what reading to assign.


  1. Reading & Viewing
  • List of recommended reading
  • Club, Salons, Photography Exhibitions, Art Exhibitions
  • Members must be encouraged to view as many of the above as possible and to discuss them in discussion meetings.
  1. Lectures
  • MPSSA Lectures
  • Lectures on different genres
  • Technical Lectures
  1. Discussion
  • Discussions within the group
  • Discussions with other areas
  1. Accreditation
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