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Jul 25, 2022

JULY 2022

Chairman's Chat

Protecting your images


A few years back, I had my external hard drive fail. I lost everything!!

How devastating!!

I bought two new external drives to store my images … one is a working drive and the other I sync with it on a regular basis. This way, I have dual storage … all good, right? … WRONG!!

This week my working drive started giving me issues. I attached my second drive and proceeded to sync. All good … except my backup drive crashed … TERMINAL … everything gone!!

Thanks to Takealot, a new drive was delivered the next day. Hook up and sync the drives. Two days later, thanks to load shedding, the sync was complete. Im-ages saved … phew!! Disaster averted … for now.

I personally know of people who keep three backup images … maybe that’s the way to go!



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