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Oct 28, 2022


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Maintaining Motivation for Taking Photos

Staying motivated with photography is more likely when you love what you are doing. This can mean having great camera gear to work with. It becomes more of a reality when you love what you are photographing.

Many beginner photographers are not consistent with what they photograph. Some move on and discover favourite topics they photograph for years. Others point their cameras at whatever random shiny thing attracts them. They may begin to wonder why they lose interest after a short time.

Having purpose and a plan is what motivates photographers. For professional photographers the purpose is clear. Paying the bills is a driving motivation until they become stars, then they can photograph what and how they like. For hobby photographers, discovering what they want to photograph is not so driven by need.
Once you do find what drives you, picking up your camera becomes a whole new experience. Your thought process will change. Hopefully, you’ll be so consumed by your passion you will of-ten think about it even when your camera is not with you.

Finding out what you like to take photos of is a process. Some people will discover this quickly, even before they buy their first camera. For others, it takes a while. One thing is for sure. The more you are aware of discovering your passion, the more opportunity you will have to find it.

Keeping an open mind about what and why you photograph will help you maintain motivation. Your photography will not grow stale when you are seeking to photograph the same things in a better way.

Learning to identify what you enjoy helps keep a freshness in your photography too. Life is nev-er idle. It changes by choices we make or sometimes because of circumstances beyond our control. Keeping an open mind and looking for new subjects to photograph is a great way of staying motivated.



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