Benoni camera club

Benoni Camera Club is a non‐profit club catering primarily for the amateur photographer.
The club is open to all persons interested in the art and science of photography, regardless of background or profession.

Benoni Camera Club is held today in high regard in South African photographic circles, competing very successfully in inter‐club competitions, and its members have numerous successes on the Salon circuit.

Benoni is proud to have among its membership photographers who have achieved the highest level of honour bestowed by PSSA, who are always willing to coach and guide the newer members.

We hope that our club can continue to offer its members growth, excitement and fulfillment in the pursuit of their hobby.

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4STAR-69121-Got you Check Mate -Stephen Kangisser
1 Louvre by Grant Hewitt BEST JUNIOR 'E' -AND BEST 1 STAR E
5STARBB-62390-Thanks for Breakfast Mom-Shane Else
MAR 17_0-ss-shadowed steps-paula rutherford-paularutherford
5STARMB-76046-elehant playing-JeanetteSmith
5STARMB-76043-zebras in the dust-JeanetteSmith
4STAR-76046-My Favourite Car by Far -Stephen Kangisser
3STAR-69109-Fighting Gemsbok-Isabellavan der Slik
5STARMG-69122-Standing at the Post House-CathyDooley
5STARMG-69119-Side view dog rose -CathyDooley
5-32900-Domes of Brighton Pavillion 02-MargaretFinn
Best 1 Star E -Peek-a-Boo-CathyBoyes
Best ss E -Golden Train-Leenvan der Slik
Best ss Prints -The colour gold-AntonetteBezuidenhout
4-pi-Feminine Blue-JulieRochford
5STARBB-62390-Green Fly-RonReynolds
4STAR-62398-Green-Backed Heron on the hunt-PieterKruger
5STARSB-62411-Flamingo lake-CathyDooley
4STAR-62412-Joburg street scene-HansVan Der Walt
COM (Portrait) Winter Eyes - Jacques Lourens (3)
BEST 4 STAR, BEST SENIOR, COM (Nature) Iconic Portrait at Night -Stephen Kangisser (5)
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